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Q1. When was TMG established?
TMG Holding was in established in April 2007, as a joint stock company under the Egyptian Law. TMG has no operating history of its own. The company is a holding company of real-estate development activities for three main firms, with effect from October 2007. These firms are owned and are of significant interest to the Talaat Moustafa family. Namely, Arab Company for Projects and Urban Development S.A.E. (“Arab Company”), San Stefano for Real-estate Investment Company (“San Stefano Real-estate”), and Alexandria for Real-estate Company S.A.E.(“Alexandria Real-estate”). All of the three companies together along with the “Operating Company”, and their respective consolidated subsidiaries, have been combined as a consolidated group, through both their share swap and cash payments.

Q2. When did TMG go public, and at what price?
Q3. Where can I get a copy of the latest financial results announced by TMG?
Q4. How can I buy shares in TMG?
Q5. Can foreigners buy shares in TMG?
Q6. Is TMG covered by any independent Equity Analysts?
Q7. Who are TMG’s major shareholders?
Q8. How often does TMG distribute dividends and in what amount?
Q9. Does TMG have a Corporate Governance Policy?
Q10. How come I can’t download the financial documentation?
Q11. How can I contact TMG’s Investor Relation?
Q12. Where is TMG’s stock listed, and what are the ticker symbols for its shares?
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